Q1) What is the value of 1 diamond point ?
1 Diamond Point is equivalent to ₹ 1
Q2) How to reedem the diamond loyalty points?
Diamond Points can be reedemed on any online or offline purchase.
Q3) How to collect Diamond Points ? How much loyalty points I get on my order?
You can collect diamond points by placing order on our website. Your loyalty points are also generated when you buy from our offline store.
Total 5% of your bill amount without GST will be added to your loyalty points which can be used on next purchase.
Q4) How to reedem diamond points at offline store ?
Diamond Loyalty Points can be reedemed using our loyalty card so dont forget to carry it during your visit to our offline store .The loyalty card contains a unique identification number so that any other person cannot claim your loyalty points.
Q5) How to earn more loyalty points ?
You can earn 50 Diamond Points by completing your profile i.e your photo, email, conact number, date of birth, anniversary and address here.
Q6) How to earn more loyalty points by refferal ?
If a person logins with your refferal and when he/she places an order, you will get 5% of their bill amount without GST as diamond loyalty points in your account.
Q7) Maximum of how much loyalty points can be reedemed on a single purchase ?
You can get maximum discount of 20% on your actual cart value (without any discount), if the products are already discount, you can only reach a total of 20% by using the diamond loyalty points.
Q8) Do you offer any coupon code ?
To give everyone an equal amount of discount and offers we dont have coupon code system.
Q9) Why can't I use all of my loyalty points ?
A maximum of 20% of the total cart value will be discounted either by the ongoing sale or discount offer or by using the diamond loyalty points.
Q10) What is loyalty discount ?
We offer a flat 10% loyalty discount to our online customers but if the products are already discounted you can only get discount value upto 10% discount on the cart actual value.
Q11) When will my loyalty points expire ?
The diamond loyalty pints will get expired after 3 months from the date they are added to your account.

Example of customer with loyalty points

  Total Products       ₹ 9,100 ₹ 10,000  
  Loyalty Discount ₹ 100  
  Loyalty Points 1,000  
  Shipping ₹ 150  
  Total (incl. Taxes)   ₹ 8,150  

Normal Customer Loyalty Customer
Value Value Value Description Percentage
Total products ₹ 10,000 ₹ 10,000 Actual value of products in your cart. -
Discount ₹ -900 ₹ -900 Total of ongoing discount on each
product.(Assuming 9% Sale going)
Loyalty Discount ₹ 0 ₹ -100 We offer upto 10% loyalty discount on your
actual cart value i.e now you will get 1% more discount
Loyalty Points Redemption ₹ 0 ₹ -1000 Your diamond points can give you upto
additional 10% discount
Discounted Price ₹ 9,100 ₹ 8,000 Total price for your purchase. -
Shipping ₹ +150 ₹ +150 Shipping cost for anywhere in India. -
Total ₹ 9,250 ₹ 8,150 Total final price for your purchase. -
*Loyal Customer also gets 380 loyalty points after the purchase (also her referrer).
*Check your loyalty points here
• Taking an example, This girl has total 3,000 diamond loyalty points and she is placing an order of value 0,000 and assuming a flat 9% sale is going so she is getting it in ₹ 9,100.
• So as to get a total 10% loyalty discount, she is still left with 1% discount so she gets it. (₹ 100)
• Now she also has 3,000 diamond loyalty points in her wallet.Using our loyalty points one can avail a maximumm of 20% discount on the actual product value ,so she used 1,000 of her diamond loyalty points and made his final amount equal to 8,000. Adding up ₹ 150 Shipping charges she placed the order by paying 8,150.
• Assuming every item in the bill of 5% GST category, She will get 5% of (8,000 - 5% = 7,600.00) = 380 loyalty points added to her account which can be used on next purchases and to anyone who has reffered her.

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