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How To Measure Panty Size & Chart

If your underpants don’t fit right, you know it’s going to be a miserable day. The dreaded panty ride-up can be one of the most distracting situations to suffer through. The itching and twitching at all the wrong places make you cringe every other second. Know your panty size and get done with these uncomfortable moments for once and for all. Panties are supposed to keep you at ease and not conscious all the time. Start with getting your panties’ fitting right by taking a fit test using a panty size chart! A well-fitted panty will not only do justice to your curves but will complement your outerwear too. Different styles of briefs may fit your body differently but your size is what makes the major difference. You should always stay true to your size.

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  • Enter your measurements below or move arrow on the measurement tape (in centimeters)

    Measure around the broadest part of your hip, as shown above, making sure the measuring tape remains level all the way around.

    (Note the measurement in cms. Then, consult the enamor sizing chart to find out your correct size.)

  • Panty Size Calculator

    Please enter your measurements in centimeters
  • Hip Size (cms)

Here’s how to check panty size using panty size calculator

Hip Size calcualte
Step1. Calculate Hip Size
  • Find the fullest part of your hips, which may fluctuate from 6″ to 9″ below your natural waistline depending on your height.
  • Wrap measuring tape around your hip, snug, but not tight – this is your hip measurement.

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Step2. Calculate waist Size
  • Bend at sides, the area where your body indents are your natural waist. Wrap a measuring tape around your waist, snug, but not tight.
  • Measure around 5cm below the natural waist where the waistband of the trousers normally sits on the body- this is your waist measurement..
  • Now note the numbers and find your fit using Lovebird’s Panty Size Calculator. If you fall between two sizes consider the larger size.
Waist size Size Calculator

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Signs that tell you that you’re wearing the wrong panty size

  • The fabric bulges at the crotch or bunches at the back.
  • It does not support your back.
  • The waistband or leg openings cause you rashes
  • You can spot a lot of creases
  • It digs into your skin
  • It creates a wedgie (line which appears when underwear gets stuck between the butt cheeks)
  • The waistband keeps riding up.

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